I have been working my way through checking the Kasem translation of Isaiah for a few weeks now. The repetitive Read More

What makes an accurate translation? Even if we say that an accurate translation conveys the full meaning of the original, Read More

Proverbs quoted in the book of Ecclesiastes compared with some similar Kasem proverbs.

The poetic structure of Psalm 119 means that the translator has to take more than meaning into account when choosing which terms to use to translate the 8 Hebrew expressions which refer to the Word of God.

The book of Daniel in the Bible has several lists of terms, each within a particular domain, such as musical instruments, wise people, and civic leaders. These pose particular challenges to the translator.

Ideophones in Kasem are a way of capturing the vivid revelations experienced by the Old Testament prophets.

A fairly subtle difference in English sentence construction may hide a significant difference of meaning, which the translator needs to be aware of.

Words often occur in different senses according to context. In this case the translation has to use different expressions for the different senses.