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P & J in Tamale

Hello! We are Philip and Judy Hewer. For a lot of our lives we lived in Ghana among the Kasena people. We facilitated translation of the Bible into Kasem (that’s the language), as well as initiating adult literacy classes to help those who had not had a chance of going to school. Now that the whole Bible in Kasem has been published and celebrated we have retired from an active role with Wycliffe Bible Translators. In April 2016 we moved 300 miles to live in Gateshead—that’s in the north-east of England, just over the river Tyne from Newcastle. Now we have to learn to understand the local language, Geordie!

In 1988 the Kasem New Testament was published, and later reprinted. From 1999 a team of pastors worked steadily in Ghana on translation of the Old Testament. From 2006 to 2015 Philip worked from home in the UK on checking their translation for accuracy and clarity of communication, and visited Ghana a couple of times a year to work with the translators face-to-face, going through suggested changes. In November 2015 we both made a farewell visit to Ghana to join in celebrations and thanksgiving to God for the completed Bible.

In Gateshead we live a 15-minute walk away from our son Dave, his wife Kerry and their four kids, all under 10. So there are grandparent duties to perform. We are getting involved in local community as well as church activities. Philip is taking up some responsibilities as editor of the EasyEnglish Bible. More of that as time goes by.


6 Replies to “About us”

  1. Tim R says:

    LOVE the picture!!

  2. Steve Jubb says:

    Hello P n J
    just received your July 2009 newletter, and have read the first page, at the bottom of which is reference to this blog !

    It all looks very welcoming and informative, and like the letter, I have not read it all yet !

    and there is an invitation to start my own blog – irresistable!

    Thanks for keeping in touch

    Love and God Bless from Steve

  3. Delia Kloekke says:

    Hello Philip and Judy,
    the photograph above reminds me of our time in Tamale: I recognize the place. You were there to show us around, a lifetime ago..
    I want to tell you that I admire you two for starting this blog! God bless, in everything!

    1. Philip Hewer says:

      Thank you, Delia, for your kind comments. It’s good to know you are still in touch. God bless you.


  4. adisasullivan says:

    Huum- I keep leaving comments- but haven’t noticed any response to them. What’s new?
    What’s hewing?

    1. Philip Hewer says:

      Thanks for your comments, Adisa. It’s good to know you are keeping in touch. I’m off to Ghana for 4 weeks from 8th October.

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